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Fashion Overdose, Xo ♡

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Vanessa Bryant in Valentino.
Love for fashion? Click here http://fashion-overdosexo.tumblr.com
Celebrity Style Crush ALERT
Some may underestimate this beautiful socialite, but her style is unbelievably great. As a model, designer, business woman, and one of my favourite reality stars, Draya Michele’s fashion sense is not one to doubt whenever she’s on the scene. She mainly wears garments to exhibit her astounding body shape and looks fabulous. Dresses, body-con skirts, and shorts are all essentially her go-to looks… Color choices never seem to be a downfall for miss Draya. She wears lots of bright pieces but classic white clothing, from tops to shoes, is her style speciality and it complements her well. I had the pleasure of meeting Draya once and her spectacular outfit choice did not surprise me at all. She has made a name for herself simply by dressing. Her marvel looks day after day are what many people should pay attention to.  From being considered by some as an ‘underdog’, I would expect her to steal the show any given day and snatch best-dressed. 
Check out this interview of Draya talking about the evolution of her style & being a designer. Also take a look at her jaw dropping swim suit designs here at Mint Swim .

Love for fashion? Click here http://fashion-overdosexo.tumblr.com
enjoy life. be YOU.
Love for fashion? Click here http://fashion-overdosexo.tumblr.com
Trend: Kimonos

Kimonos are sensational Bohemian inspired outer garments that are indeed very stylish. They are being worn everywhere in todays fashion especially during the summer. Similar to a cardigan, the loose fitted jackets are designed either long or short. Soft and silky, many are ornamented with tassels at the end, fringed cuts, colorful prints to coincide with its tropical breezy feel, or even artistic embroidery. The trend with wearing these delicate lightweight pieces emerged from spring festivals such as Coachella. Wearing tight coats during that time is definitely not an option and kimonos very much come in handy when dressing up in the day or night. They are mainly worn over cool clothing such crop tops, tanks/cami’s, shorts, swimwear/bikini’s etc… Whether you are taking a fabulous vacay or just enjoying sunny days off, an array of kimonos are perfect to have in your wardrobe.

Love for fashion? Click here http://fashion-overdosexo.tumblr.com
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