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Fashion Overdose, Xo ♡
Celebrity Style Crush ALERT
Hearing her voice, many, including me, think raw talent… but that’s not the only phenomenal thing about Demi Lovato…. Her style is simply amazing from head to toe… Literally. I’m always astounded by her switch ups. Whether its in clothing or her hair color, she pulls anything off fantastically! Every single time you see her on stage or on a red carpet, her attitude is surely expressed through her punk rock chic sense of style. She’s not your typical girly girl but she definitely knows how to dress up in a ravishing dress with a pair of pumps. Everything suits her so well. Her wardrobe stylist, Soulmaz Vosough is an expert when it comes to pulling looks for her because she’s always styled in great outfits. Lately, her choice of clothing is even a bit more edgier and bold. I actually love it. Leather & black pieces are almost like staple choices for her and rarely you see her without it. For someone that’s battled with emotional issues in the past, she now steps out confidently and strong. Demi is an inspiration to millions around the world. Through her beauty, and style, she shines like no other.
Check out her Vevo ‘Stylized’ special here. It’s featuring her stylist and they both give viewers more of an insight about her fashion life. 

Love for fashion? Click here http://fashion-overdosexo.tumblr.com

Cara & Gisele & Karl
Classy & chic! Actress Teyonah Parris is rocking this dress like no other.
Love for fashion? Click here http://fashion-overdosexo.tumblr.com
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